Anxiety Lies

Samantha Margret’s new single, “Anxiety Lies” makes space, sonically and socially, for a conversation about anxiety.


The song opens with spacey vocal samples and ambient synth sounds. The kick drum is a sampled human heartbeat.  “I wanted the beginning to feel like anxiety does, lonely and big,” Margret explains. The tension builds until the chorus line “dreaming tells the truth when anxiety lies,” followed by a chopped vocal that brings an electronic element to the track.


Margret’s choice to release this as the first of a series of singles comes from her experience performing the song live: “when I started playing the song it was really vulnerable and actually made me very anxious. Ironic right? But then, people would come up to me, after the show, and tell me their stories about anxiety. I’m not usually a big sharer off stage. I want to look like I know what I’m doing, so I don’t feel comfortable revealing when I’m feeling lost or worried. It was like the song gave me a chance to see how normal that was—to be open and connect off stage.” Margret says this kind of conversation has become the centerpiece of her show, which features songs with names like “Emotional” and “Body Thing.” 


She begins most shows sitting cross legged on the stage. She explains, “I want people to know it’s an intimate, two-way thing from the first note. Now I only feel like I really did my job when I hear those stories after the show.” Margret hopes that this song will help continue the growing, national conversation about mental health, “I want to affirm people who are struggling—to tell them, ‘this is hard and it’s real, but it’s also normal and okay to be in the middle of it, to not know the answers. We can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.”

Samantha Margret