Samantha Margret


Samantha is a singer songwriter and San Francisco native. Her most recent single, "Anxiety Lies" came out on November 8th, 2019. Her soulful melodies convey the power of the female voice, and her lyrics tell stories about mental health and acceptance. Recent projects include songs for the Bushwick Bookclub, and writing the music for the musical "Valley of the Dead" (Cutting Ball Theater).

The New Song:

Songwriter/Artist/Producer Samantha Margret released her new single “Anxiety Lies” on November 8, 2019. Margret says, “This song is really a year and a half in the making. At times, it felt like digging for water in a sand dune. The poetry came quickly, but it was a real reckoning to find the sound of the song. I was lucky to collaborate with other women in music who listened and encouraged me to find my voice. It feels fitting that this song, which is so much about overcoming anxiety to make something meaningful, became a manifestation of just that. Hopefully, it helps someone else who’s digging in their sand dune right now.”